Do you need an extra pair of creative hands?

Then you’ve come to the right place! I’m Sarah Kate and I provide graphic and web design services for brilliant businesses like yours.

HI! I’m Kate

Designer, Illustrator, Architect and Dog mum to Daisy.

I work with brilliant business that want a design boost without the hassle of a full-time hire. I take their design tasks (and content creation) from to-do to ta-done!

Welcome to Sarah Kate Designs - my colourful home on the world wide web where I provide design services for brilliant businesses like yours - thanks for stopping by - I’m so happy you’re here!

SKD exists because I understand that:

  • you want to succeed in your brilliant business;
  • you want to achieve your brilliant brand vision;
  • you want to reach the right audience;
  • you want to enjoy the confidence and ease that comes with being able to communicate with your customers in a consistent, instantly recognisable and on-brand manner;
  • and you want to do that without the stress and struggles of trying to do all of the design work yourself, because you’ve already got too much on your to-do list.

I’ve been working with small businesses since 2011, providing freelance design support as well as building my own product-based business. So I know how gosh-darn difficult it can be when you’re trying to DIAY (do it ALL yourself). An extra helping hand can have a huge impact on your business, your stress-levels and your free time, especially if it can take some of the more time-consuming design tasks off your hands.

I’m a friendly multi-passionate designer and creative freelancer, with a head for creative problem-solving and an eye for visual design.

I bring graphic, web, illustration and architectural skills to the table, so working with me gives you a one-stop-shop for all of your marketing material and business design needs, with the flexibility and value of a freelance design department.

The services and solutions you will find here at Sarah Kate Designs are all driven by creativity, craftsmanship, collaboration, joy and a desire to see hard-working business owners and brilliant businesses succeed. So when you partner with me you'll get a designer and a supporter. It’s how I help you build a better brand and get seen by the right customers. Because good design can help your business shine!

I design websites. Create logos. Draw illustrations. Design brochures. Build newsletters. Create content. And provide ongoing design support for your business. So you can concentrate on your customers, build your business and look great whilst doing it.

A bit more about me...

  • As a child I knew I wanted to draw for a living, so I’m living the dream!
  • I love learning new things which is why I have such a broad range of design skills.
  • I’m a qualified architect.
  • When I’m not designing or drawing (which is rare) you’ll usually find me walking my water-loving labrador around the Lake District.
  • I like my tea in a mug as big as my head!
  • I have far too many books to read.
  • I also have far too many ideas.
  • I’m half-way through a home renovation.
  • I live just on the West coast of Cumbria in the UK, perfectly positioned between the Lake District and the beach.
Sarah Kate Designs founder and designer Sarah Kate Smith profile picture.

The core values that drive everything I do

Creativity, craftsmanship, collaboration, joy, support and kindness. These values are at the core of everything I do.


I am a highly creative person. My creativity enables me to innovate, problem-solve, invent, and develop new ideas. I also have the skills to transform these creative ideas into reality.


I take pride in doing great work. I have high standards and I'm detail-focussed. I deliver quality design work, always striving for excellence and putting care and attention into everything I do.


I'm an enthusiastic collaborator. I believe that we build things better when we work together. Bringing together our passions and expertise to make your project the best it can be.


I enjoy what I do. My aim is to inject that joy into everything I do. And I hope that joy comes through in my work and sparks joy in you and your customers too.


I'm here to support you. My role as a designer is to use my skills to support you and your business, and I'm dedicated to supporting you to bring out the best in your brilliant business.


I believe in being kind. Kindness brings happiness to you and those around you. And I believe that everyone should be treated with kindness, courtesy and respect.